Destination Weddings

Here are some things about you:

  1. You love travel.
  2. You and your fiancee feel that an international destination for your wedding speaks to who you are as a couple.
  3. You care about the world and the people in it.
  4. You think photography is valuable for everybody, because everyone should get to tell their story.

That’s why you’re here. That’s why we’re here too.

This is why we’ve built our business around a completely unique idea:

We don’t just do Destination Weddings, we do Destination Conscious Weddings.

We call this, The Project.

Share more than just your photos, share your photographers.

Plenty of photographers travel for their work. We are going to shoot your wedding and donate photography on your behalf.

The idea is surprisingly simple: We think if a couple loves Croatia, they will love the idea of sharing their photographers with the communities in Croatia. And if a couple feels that Bali reflects a part of who they are together, they will be excited to gift their photographers to those who live in Bali. This is what it looked like in Belize, Morocco, and Saskatchewan.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You plan a (destination) wedding or elopement – anywhere outside the Pacific Northwest of the United States.
  2. You hire us for your destination shoot.
  3. We connect with a cause, a people group, or a non-profit and help them tell their story by donating a portrait session after yours.
  4. More people’s stories are told.

We are equally committed to two things: the art of photographing your destination wedding, & the art of photographing the communities where they happen.

We want to partner with adventurous souls who genuinely care about making a difference. Visual storytelling is a massive need for many underserved communities. Donated photography is often the only way communities in need (and the organizations that serve them) can afford the visual narratives they need in order to be seen. We are doing this because we care about the hungry, the nationless and the orphaned. That’s where our name came from. We live and shoot in the PNW primarily, near the salty Puget Sound to be specific. We’re excited about the changing landscape though, full of new raw materials, distant places symbolized by the clay in our brand. It’s a big spectrum of fun that we are lost somewhere in the middle of.

Trek With Us 


Why is Salt to Clay donating photography?

We are “artistic philanthropic photojournalists” (yes, we just made that up). In other words, we are artists who are passionate about helping all people tell their stories with dignity through compelling photos.

Do I take care of travel and lodging expenses?

Yes. We work really closely with each couple to help keep those costs as low as possible. You bringing us to your wedding destination gives us the opportunity to donate our skills and time to the communities. You’re amazing!

Can I pick the organization or community group you photograph?

We would LOVE for this to be a collaborative effort. How involved you would like to be is up to you!

Does it need to be a destination wedding for me?

No. If you’re passionate about your current local community and it happens to be outside the PNW, let us know.

Why is there a need for donated photography?

Underserved communities are underserved partly because they are invisible to many people who could help them. Photography is an effective means of making visible the invisible.

For community organizations and nonprofits, storytelling is everything. It’s how they raise funds and get people excited about their mission.

What if I want to do a portrait session – can the deal still apply?

Totally. The main point is: somewhere beautiful and artistic, doing something beautiful and artistic (by giving back to your community).

I’m getting married in the PNW, can I be a part of this?

We still love our local brides and we know how much you guys care about the PNW. Every year, we will pick a local NGO to support with photography that our local brides have contributed to by hiring us.

Okay, I’m in. What do I do now?

YAY! Fill out our contact form! And tell us what you’re thinking so we can get started already!


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