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Why are two photographers better than one?

Taylor and Shannon are like french fries and ice cream. It makes no sense at first but then, it’s the only thing that makes sense. If you want photos with your significant other, then you already know that two is better than one, and so do we. We are different from each other, and that means we push each other creatively, and that means you get all the best photos.

Here’s an example of how we bring two different perspectives together.


What does the process look like?

First, we set up an in-person meet-and-greet, where we wine-and-dine a bit or get some coffee together. It’s like an awkward blind date that turns out to be the love of your life kind of situation. At this special gathering, we hear all about your big day and you guys get a chance to ask us all the questions you can think of–bring it on! Then we give you all the documents so you can make your own choice in the quiet of your home, while we refresh our email home page 100 times to find out if you love us too. Cue happily ever after music.

Also, if you’re not local, we can jump on a video call to get to know you!

Do you guys travel?

DO BIRDS SING IN SPRING TIME? Yes, the answer is yes. We do custom packaging for all our travel gigs, so mention in your contact form if this wedding is not going to be in the Seattle area and we will get that to you. Travel is at the heart of Salt to Clay, so it’s always a special conversation for those brides and grooms who are up for more adventure.

See our destination weddings here. In 2017 we traveled to Morocco, Spain, Santa Barbara and Saskatchewan!


Nadia and Justin cycling down the streets of Santa Barbara, California.

How do I find out about the cost?

Drop us a line! By filling out our contact form we get that much closer to a match made in heaven. We love getting to hear about you, and in return we’ll let you know all about the investment as well as answer any other burning questions you might have. To get you started though, our elopement packages start at 2000 and our wedding day packages start at 3000.

What are you guys packing?

Nikon, baby. We shoot on a D4, Df, and D700 for the techies out there. We also love to bring some film and polaroids to our shoots when we can because, FUN, and who doesn’t love an actual picture in their hands?!

Why don’t you have more photos on your site?

Curation is key to us. We showcase what we seek. We do a variety of weddings and if you don’t see something on our site, that doesn’t mean we don’t do it. However, there are certain things that get us really jazzed and we took special care to showcase that, so that those of you out there who connect on that level will know immediately you can stop looking elsewhere.

Can you take this photo?

We have tremendous respect for our fellow photographers. There’s some truly amazing work being done and chances are, if you show us a photo you’re hoping to emulate, we will think it’s amazing too. We’re always willing to hear you out on certain shots you want to attempt or moods you want to shoot for. Ultimately though, picking a photographer for your big day is about trust. It’s terrifying because the memories of your whole day are in our hands! It’s a heady thing for us and we take it very seriously. If you trust us, we promise to give 117% of our creative selves to capturing some amazing photos.


Anniversary shoot in Ronda, Spain.

Do you guys do family sessions, events, newborn, new puppy etc.?

We are our own bosses! We pick and choose when it comes to non-wedding shoots and it all depends on the season and our current work load. Fill out the contact form and let us know what you’re thinking!



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