The TeamBecause two is better.

The way we became friends sounds a bit like a mad lib. She likes thrifting and I like precocious children and we both like riding Plasma Cars. We both like to look at pretty things, modern things, vintage things… vintage modern things. She uses breakfast bribes to get me to wake up and hang out earlier. Usually breakfast is the only thing that gets me out of bed before 10 (because OMG BREAKFAST). Thinking is by far my favorite hobby, and she can turn any thought into a bouncy theme song. We’re completely different, but we get each other.

After we became friends who liked to text each other sappy long-winded compliments after hanging out, we realized we could help each other. I realized I needed her to draw out my creative side. She realized she liked being creative with somebody. Why would we do anything else with our lives?

Ultimately when people have asked us why we want to do this thing together we always circle back to the same initial answer: fun. We have so much dang fun together it’s stupid. Nearly every time we shoot together we feel we are “living the dream”. Really.


That’s our story.  We’d love to tell yours.

We want to witness all of the mad-lib awesomeness that is “You Two”. We want to quietly capture all your romance. We want to jump in and make you laugh and catalog all the happy playful. We want to encourage you to be your natural selves. We want to inspire you and be inspired by you.

For us, this should never mean being the same thing twice. We want to keep moving and pushing forward. We have big goals for big things abroad. We plan to donate our storytelling skills to people in need around the world; we care about the hungry, the nationless and the orphaned. That’s where our name came from. We live and shoot in the PNW primarily, near the salty Puget Sound to be specific. We’re excited about the changing landscape though, full of new raw materials, like clay and other places. It’s a big spectrum of fun that we are lost somewhere in the middle of.

Trek with us.

– Shannon




There aren’t many things in life that get me pumped.
Haha, its opposite day.
Everything gets me pumped.

Tufted leather couches, floral on anything, sculpting clay. But nothing gets me more excited than moments with people.

I get to be with people when they have their most intimate moments. I get the privilege of being with the happy couple when no one else is there. I get a glimpse into their families and friends. I get to photograph some of the people that are most important to them. I get to crack jokes with their grandpas and make funny faces at their nieces and nephews. It’s crazy that this is even a job description.

I’m thankful for the moments that brought me here. For my step mom who handed me my first 35mm camera at the age of 12 so I could photograph my favorite rooster, “Peanut”. I’m thankful I had an artistic dad who pushed me to sketch and paint. For my sisters who would always model for me. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’m handed with each new couple. I’m thankful that life is so beautiful that I get to capture it.

The second my finger clicks that shutter and I know I’ve frozen time – I can’t help but dance.

No really, I dance… all the time. If you’re lucky I might also sing a made-up tune every now and again 🙂


Giddy. That’s how I felt when I picked up my disposable camera film from the Albertons down the street as a kid.

I didn’t know that they were not actually quality photos. I didn’t know that my Dalmatian, George, and my little sisters were not real models, or that summer camp wasn’t considered an exotic shoot location. I didn’t care that half of them turned out blurry or black.

I just wanted to see what bit of magical nostalgia had come from the push of a button.

Ultimately, I connect most in photography with the person in the photo. I relate to that person – the one who wants to remember something, and to be remembered – and that is what drives me to photograph.

Some people know what they want to do with their life from the very beginning; I’ve never been one of those people. I didn’t start out with a fancy camera (it was a hand-me-down polaroid), and I didn’t envision myself as a photographer. In fact I only really had one thing on my brain: to adventure abroad. So that’s what I did. The older I got, the more important it became to get quality photos of all that Life happening around me. I have a lot of creative people in my life, and I always seemed to come up short by comparison. I was too intimidated to call myself an artist. Somehow, I never thought of that as limiting myself.

It took my close and respected friend (Taylor) telling me I had “the eye” for photography before I really changed my mind. I haven’t looked back since.

Have eye, will photography.



Here’s Why We Always Shoot Together